Photo Books

Our photo books are beautiful. We use high quality photo paper, exceptional inks, and a professional eye for colour, clarity, and detail from our photolab technicians.

We have linen and leather cover, soft cover and photo cover options. Have lots of photos? You can add pages to any of our books to accomodate! We have many themes as well as classic styles to choose from. Make sure to join or sign in first so you can save your book in your account!

Photographic Album

Prestige Books

Photo Books

A variety of sizes and cover options.

Prestige Albums

The Prestige Layflat book is designed for occasions that call for the very best.

The photo books are printed on archival quality Fuji photo paper, providing an incomparable high resolution and brilliance to your photographs and natural-looking skin tones with bold, bright colors that last a lifetime.

With a special lay flat binding, our books open out flat with an almost invisible crease, to showcase your best images across two pages. Instead of the standard photo-wrapped chipboard cover, Prestige Layflats feature a unique photo-wrapped wood cover, giving the books a solid and high-end feel.


Size:6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12
Page count: 20 pages(up to 50)
Paper: Photo paper, double-sided pages
Cover: Unique photo-wrapped wood cover
Production: 7-10 business days
Delivery: Pick up in store or ship

6x6 Prestige Lay Flat, $49.99
8x8 Prestige Lay Flat, $59.99
10x10 Prestige Lay Flat, $89.99
12x12 Prestige Lay Flat, $109.99

Photographic Albums

Printed on high quality photo paper, these books have a traditional thick album feel to their pages. Choose a glossy hardcover that you design, a solid or windowed premium fabric or leather cover.


Size: 11x8.5, 12x12
Page count: 20 pages, $1 each additional (up to 50)
Paper: Photo paper, double-sided pages
Cover: Linen or Leather
Production: 5-7 business days
Delivery: Pick up in store or ship

11x8.5 Hard cover, $29.99
12x12 Hard cover, $39.99